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Are you ready to be: Called, Prepared, and Equipped?
Enrollment period for the 2017 - 2019 Class is: ​November 1st - January 16!

World Changers Bible School (WCBS) invites you to
WCBS Student Conference | Uncommon Leaders
 Join us for (1) one night of dynamic teaching, fellowship, music, and healing
  PRESENTED by:  Leaders, Alumni and Students of World Changers Bible School
 FEATURING: Praise & Worship with Jonathan Philips 
 This event is FREE (registration required) 

​  World Changers Bible School
Called. Prepared. Equipped.

Understanding Grace | Empowering Change

The Lion's Roar 

​​​​WCBS Online Quarterly Newsletter

​Vol 1 / Issue 3 / Fall 2016 Edition

Wondering what the alumni has been up to? Well, starting businesses and ministries, writing books, recording CDs,  volunteering, instructing, and leading at WCCI and WCBS, for starters...

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Alumni Projects
WCBS Conference | Uncommon Leaders